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Meteorite Traders

Festival and Event Sales Guide Book

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Nic Scogna has been vending at expos and shows in all parts of the country since 1997. In that first year, through trial and error, Nic managed to scrape together a meager living from the trade shows. “I was thrilled!” said Nic. “I was my own boss and it was working! I knew I was ready for full time.” Since then, he learned how to streamline the process, figure out the problems and rectify them. At the same time, there was a steady uptick in knowledge, sales ability, new friends and customers... and income. To be successful in the vending business, the vendor must have a love for interacting with customers and other vendors. Nic loves to share what he knows. In this book, he generously reveals some tricks of the trade that have helped him. Nic resides in Pennsylvania but continues to travel the country and set up at various venues and trade shows.