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Spiralite Aura Druze Fossil

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Spiralite Druze Fossil Pendant
Spiralite Fossils are fossil spirals of an extinct species of gastropod.
This item can be set in jewelry, wire wrapped and is top drilled.
  • Size: 2" approximate
  • Location/Origin: India
  • Great size for Jewelry making!
  • Sinistral left handed spiral
  • Rainbow enhanced via Vacuum Deposition
Spiralite gemshells are estimated to be over 5 million years old, each of these shell/geodes is the unusual left-hand coiling kind which is a rarity in the domain of shells. Left-hand turning shells are known as sinistra shells. Completely agatized and replaced by stunning quartz druzy in a myriad of colors and crystal types making each one a unique and desirable gem that treads the boundary between fossil and crystal.
Found on a hillside in Central India which was once under the prehistoric sea called Tethys, these geodes are found embedded in an extremely hard rocky matrix and each one has to be carefully extracted by hand. Less than 5% of all geodes extracted have any usable druzy formations.
Historically left-hand coiling shells have been associated with great metaphysical powers in the Hindu, Buddhist, and Tibetan cultures. In ancient Sanskrit, these shells were called "Dakshinavarti" and were associated with Vishnu, the preserver from the Holy Trinity of Hinduism. Many other metaphysical powers are ascribed to these but above all these shells represent one of the finest and most beautiful creations of Mother Nature with unparalleled druzy beauty and rarity.
Ethically mined and handcrafted with age-old lapidary methods.Because the coiled shells of gastropods are asymmetrical, they possess a quality called chirality, the "handedness" of an asymmetrical structure. Over 90% of gastropod species have dextral (right-handed) shells in their coiling. A small amount are sinistral (left-handed).